with grace forgivness, kindess, and love

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with grace forgivness, kindess, and love

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Back to Basics

The simplest thing can make all the difference. If you want to be spiritually well, A day of fasting can improve spiritual well being. Taking your time to eat, and giving thanks for your meal lets you remind yourself what your grateful for. Being a friend to someone can improve the whole world. Of all things you can do, love is the greatest gift. To be with a husband or wife raises well being more than you know. In all things take your time, be well, embrace the future, and don’t worry. I know it can be difficult sometimes. You worry and you fear that it might not work out. But don’t worry, all things are in Gods hands. I’ve seen a glimpse of what God can to, trust me it will work out. Have faith.

Better and Better

Shakespeare once wrote, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” But I think there’s a more fundamental question, to have faith or not have faith. If you want God to to prove himself, he will.
Things are getting better every day. So just be patient. No matter what you do, you get more of.
He is mighty beyond measure. With God all things are possible. On occasion, remind yourself, “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” when we work together, we can achieve great things.


There is hope in the Lord. Those that give shall receive a great reward. Those that give him praise will be praised. Those that say kind words, will receive kindness in return. So don’t worry about the day. God is faithful, God is true, God wants good rewards for you. Whatever you do try to give him praise.
Take your work, make it a blessing and nothing will harm you.


Greatness tends to come from strife and perseverance. Knowing yourself, knowing the Lord, all things can be achieved. Day by day you know blessings. His will, his word is a fountain from which blessings flow. If your having difficulties, don’t worry. An answer will come. At the proper time, at the proper place, God will do great things.


From the movie Shawshank Redemption, it was said, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Go with kindness, go with grace, go with hope, and nothing will be unachievable. Take your time, count your blessings and go with hope. Share your hope with others, lift others up with you, and you’ll receive reward beyond measure.


When you get what you desire, are you not pleased? Take my word, anything you want is yours. The universe can and will give you your hearts desire. As long as you have faith, God will reward you. Know this, all things are possible with God. If your having difficulty, turn it over to the Lord. Your faith in him will be magnified 1000 fold. All blessings, all compassion, will be yours.


Who can say what the future brings? When you know about Jesus in your heart, there your blessings will be. His will will see your love, and abundance will follow you the rest of your days. So don’t worry about the day. Would God not reward you for your good deeds? Make every day a blessing. Just have faith.

The Path

when you lift others up, they will lift you up. When you think someone can be saved, if your willing to put in the time and effort, they will be. When you take the time to know someone, you will be rewarded with love. There is nothing that cannot be achieved, when you see the fruits of you labor. Bless your neighbor, and they will bless you. Bless the world, and abundance will follow. One good deed begets another. When you preach love, people will come to listen, and take it to heart.


As years go by, give him praise. Them that praise the Lord in their efforts, can achieve whatever they want. Don’t worry about how. When you praise the Lord, he is faithful. Whatever path you take, now is the time of the Lord. When you find a job you like, do it well. Others will follow. Can any man truly
understand how great the blessings of God can be? Our love for each other, blossoms into righteousness, blessings, good will, and more.


Show kindness here, and it will spread elsewhere. Then show kindness elsewhere, and it will last an eon. Look at the fruits of your labor, and you will labor further. In all ways show kindness, and the world will be blessed beyond measure. The more you give, the more you receive. Make this a calling unto your heart.

Well Being

Remind yourself, no worries. Things take time. In your efforts strive to do well. Because all things are possible with God. From one person doing good, two more also will. When two people do good, 100 will. When a hundred do good, 10,000 will. When 10,000 do good, the world will be blessed beyond measure. Use your judgment, be patient, and no worries.

Be in The Moment

the Romans used to say, “Carpe deum.” Seize the day. How true these words are. When you live life to the fullest, with a healthy respect for the Lord, your joy will be shared by others. Give and you receive, bless and you will be blessed, take joy in your work, and joy will be the worlds fortune. Face the new day with new hope. One good man can become many.

First Fruits

When you receive reward, give unto God. He will bless you further. When people give you hope, acknowledge Him in your praise. When your in the world, go with Him. He will guide your footsteps. When you trust the Lord, all things are possible. He can make you like new. When you do good deeds, for each person you help, God will bless 1000 fold. Those that take these words to heart, will be very rich in spirit.


When one person forgives, more forgiveness will come. When many forgive, the world will be blessed beyond measure. When you do good work, many will be blessed. When you live life with forgiveness toward others, there’s no limit to how good the world can be. When you do whats right in your heart, love will flow. When you don’t look down on others, they will follow you.


In times there will be trouble, but don’t lose faith. Strife can be the testing ground for greatness. Give praise unto God, and persevere. You will reap a great reward. When people need hope, give unto them. Your hope will be restored as well. Guide others in the path of righteousness, love for Jesus, and blessings will follow. All things happen at the proper place, at the proper time.


Give in abundance and greater abundance will follow. When you give with your heart, love will be the fruits of your efforts. And Love is a blessing beyond measure. Once you know how to reward others, there your riches in love will be. Take your time, give glory to God for your riches, share your riches with others, and love will overflow.


Let courage into you heart, and many will be blessed. Let love into your heart, and your spirit will soar. Your spirit is gift from God. So feed it love, and nothing will be impossible for you. Try to imagine a better world, and when you give your spirit love, it will be yours. May your days be many in love and spirit.
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Re: with grace forgivness, kindess, and love

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Is this actually a forum game?
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Re: with grace forgivness, kindess, and love

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ok your right no, this should be under general
lover of chess, baduk, and civ 4.
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Re: with grace forgivness, kindess, and love

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Good stuff!
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