Mornington Crescent

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Re: Mornington Crescent

Post by madge »

I'm so excited to see a Crescent game! I'm a certified judge/scorekeeper (2007, but I can do the 1976 variant - not to a certified level so I am probably making mistakes but you said you wanted a scorekeeper and beggers can't be choosers!).

I also did some commentating for our local Crescent league. While I don't have time to play on the forum right now I figured I'd post a score update:


Lavender: West Ham
3 proximity tokens, 1 tube counter
[token pool open]

Rosewinsall: Waterloo [victorian]
1 colony card (flipped)
1 ancient history token
[hand limit not reached]

Ratammer: Chancery Lane
3 proximity tokens, 1 tube counter
[token pool open]

TSS: Sleaford
[Terminator Gambit]
[Hitler Manouvre offer is still OPEN]

ODF: Hyde Park Corner
Annexation FAILED
1 Railway Token[spent]
[token pool open]
[gambit released]

Suzaku: Bethnal Green

Hope that helps - I can see Suzaku's Bethnal Green play has been met with an appropriate amount of hesitation, since his token pool is closed and he has neither offered nor accepted any gambits yet.

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Wood Lane and Goldhawk Road are both possible responses to Bethnal Green. Embankment is a risky manouvre which can pay off in the right circumstances. Playing Notting Hill Gate seems like an obvious idea but remember it is adjacent to High Street Kensington. Needless to say Clapham North is a sucker's bet.
Winner pick:
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ODF has layered too many gambits. Suzaku is too close to the vest. TSS has an aggressive play style that might just pay off. But overall my pick is Lavender with a healthy token economy and plenty of Transit Points to put to good use.
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Re: Mornington Crescent

Post by orangedragonfire »

It helps a lot.

I was indeed hesitating, because the out Suzaku offered is obviously a trap - and even if he generously does not spring it on me, that still would have left me far behind and in moral debt to him. No, obviously while the slow and steady path back to to top is possible, it is unlikely and also just not fun enough. So, what to do when you are too far behind? Double down, risk falling even further behind for a chance at getting in the lead.

Clapham North, initiating Suckers Gambit.

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