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Hi all,

It has been brought to my attention that I made someone in this community feel extremely uncomfortable with my presence here.

I have no context for why that is the case, and I have not been alerted as to that person's identity. I had only found out today that this was the case at all. I'm already not particularly frequenting here, but if I'm making someone uncomfortable, then I feel that I shouldn't frequent here at all.

I apologize broadly and inclusively for any negative effect I've had on the lives of anyone here. That has never been my intention; I generally try to be and have usually been told that I am considered to be a genial person and positive influence on others.

I will not login to this site any further either on this account, or the Zeniba account that I played in for Halloween Mafia, then handed over to Trisscar.

If any of you is looking to contact me, I can be reached on discord via osieorb18#0126 or via email at osieorb18@gmail.com.

Maybe I'll see some of you around. I look forward to the possibility of interacting with you elsewhere.

Thanks for the games.

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