2657: "Complex Vowels"

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2657: "Complex Vowels"

Post by ratammer »

Title text: Pronouncing [ṡṡċċḣḣẇẇȧȧ] is easy; you just say it like the 'x' in 'fire'.

Mouseover text reminds me of the description of octarine in Discworld: "a sort of greenish-yellow purple colour".
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Re: 2657: "Complex Vowels"

Post by chridd »

Isn't /i/ already an imaginary vowel?

The IPA vowel chart is already 3D, since there's rounding.

I suspect a complex vowel would involve a waveform that's based on exponential curves rather than sine waves. If it's not purely imaginary, it might grow exponentially in volume.

The comic itself seems to be partly imaginary, since the direct link is giving me a 404; only the front page works. [Edit: Looks like this has been fixed now.]
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Re: 2657: "Complex Vowels"

Post by Old Bruce »

I really like the idea of "cursed sounds the human mind cannot comprehend".
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