2639: "Periodic Table Changes"

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2639: "Periodic Table Changes"

Post by chridd »

Title text: It's nice how the end of the periodic table is flush with the edge these days, so I think we should agree no one should find any new elements after #118 unless they discover a whole row at once.

Bismuth noooo!!
You'd get rid of this for more charcoal and pencils?

(Unless it keeps its iridescence. Iridescent pencils would be neat!)
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Re: 2639: "Periodic Table Changes"

Post by somitomi »

Instead of messing with W (or K and Na), why not fix the English language by adopting "wolfram" (or "Kalium" and "Natrium") instead?

In all honesty, if I were to make grand sweeping changes to the periodic table, I'd scrap like 80% of the metals, there are way too many kinds of metals.
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Re: 2639: "Periodic Table Changes"

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For years I thought W was for Water and Fe was for Fire.
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