2530: "Clinical Trials"

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2530: "Clinical Trials"

Post by ratammer »

Title text: We don't need to do a clinical trial of this change because the standard of care is to adopt new ideas without doing clinical trials.

*insert comment about how the government works here*
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Re: 2530: "Clinical Trials"

Post by balthasar_s »

Unfortunately, there is nothing about any conditional relationships between the steps.
So it could as well go like this:
  1. Come up with new idea:
    Ok, I did some quick thinking and I just got my best idea ever!
    GOTO next step.
  2. Convince people it's good:
    Ok, I tried. Some are convinced. Some are not. Most have no idea what I'm talking about.
    GOTO next step.
  3. Check whether it works:
    Ok, I checked. It doesn't.
    GOTO next step.
  4. New idea is adopted:
    Yes, finally!
    Wait, what was this??
What happens if I
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